Update: Thank you everyone who voted for me - very appreciated! I am thankful for a very rewarding campaign, where I got to meet so many interesting people around Dublin. Here's to you.


This website will not be regularly updated. You can email me at: stephenorourkedcu (at) gmail.com



Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Born and raised in Ballyfermot, Dublin.
  • Education: Science degrees in Dublin and Glasgow, moved to Germany in 2012.
  • Community Leadership: Active in the GAA community, founding several clubs across Germany and Europe.
  • Professional Background: A seasoned scientist specialising in regulatory affairs, with extensive experience navigating European institutions.
  • Community Engagement: Founded a political discussion group in Berlin to demystify politics and make it accessible to all.
  • Personal Life: Married to a wonderful Turkish woman! We live and work in Berlin. Fluent in German, improving my Turkish, and brushing up on Gaeilge.

Why Vote for Me? 

I'm not a career politician. I'm someone who’s worked hard and feels unrepresented by the usual political figures. I feel we can do so much better in Europe. As the only candidate free from party affiliations, I am committed to representing your interests in Europe.

From my canvassing trail it's clear that Dubliners want a candidate who:

- is NOT a career politician
- is a first time candidate and is 100% fully independent 
- does not make unrealistic promises / does not try to say he has all the answers, but is someone who is willing to listen to concerns and advocate on the behalf of all Dubliners
- has professional experience dealing with complicated EU legislation, which I have from my career as a scientist
- is in it for all the right reasons

NO other candidate ticks all the above boxes. Vote Stephen O'Rourke No. 1 on 7th June!

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