At A Glance

At A Glance - Stephen O'Rourke for Europe

Quick Facts About Stephen O'Rourke's Candidacy

1. Introduction

Learn about Stephen O'Rourke, his journey, and his key policies all in one place. Quick, easy, and informative - here you can get all you need to know about why Stephen is running for the European Parliament and what he stands for.

2. Who is Stephen O'Rourke?

Born and raised in Dublin, Stephen is a scientist turned MEP candidate committed to transparency, community advocacy, and effective European governance.

3. Key Priorities

Mental Health Advocacy:
Championing comprehensive mental health support across Europe to lead the way in compassionate and effective mental health services.

Housing & Cost of Living:
Advocating for affordable housing and fair wages to tackle the cost of living crisis.

Smart Immigration:
Promoting a balanced immigration policy that respects community input and supports fair and sustainable strategies.

4. Political Stance

Running as an independent candidate to avoid partisan politics and serve the best interests of Dubliners with integrity and dedication.

Group Alignment:
Committed to remaining independent. and not joining a Euro group (known as "Non-Inscrits (NI)" -"not attached"). This independence will enable me to serve Dublin's best interests without the constraints of party lines and voting - which is a significant problem with Dublin’s current MEPs, who have consistently voted with their party and group. My priority will be to effectively represent Dublin's unique needs in the European Parliament, always putting the best interests of Dubliners at heart. 

Should there emerge a group whose agenda aligns closely with our priorities and the mandate of Dublin’s citizens, I would at least hear them out. However, this would be made transparently and inclusively, ensuring it reflects the collective will of the people. But I must state that I will not join Groups that have the traditional Irish political parties as members!

5. Personal Story

From overcoming personal challenges such as family struggles with mental health and addiction, to initiating community-building projects like establishing GAA clubs across Germany, Stephen’s story is one of resilience and proactive change.

6. Media Mentions

Recent Features:

"The Irish stem cell scientist growing the GAA in Germany" in The Irish Times" -

Interview Highlights:
Interviews / question catalogue activities have been conducted with some news outlets and a university in Dublin - will be released in the coming weeks.

7. How to Support

You can support Stephen by voting in the upcoming European Parliament elections. Every vote counts towards a better future for Dublin and Europe. Make sure you are registered to vote! Here's a handy guide: Check The Register

8. Volunteer and Donations:

Join Stephen’s campaign as a volunteer or support his efforts with a donation. Every minute of your time and every cent counts. Also, please download the flyer and put it up in, for example, a local shop window!

8. Contact Information:

WhatsApp: 0894897127

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