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From Dublin to Europe                      

My name is Stephen O'Rourke - born and raised in Ballyfermot, Dublin. After completing my studies, I made the move to Germany in 2012 to follow my dreams of working as a scientist. Since then, I've been living in various cities, and even starting up GAA clubs along the way! 

A few years ago I met a a wonderful Turkish woman, fell in love, and got married! Currently, we are based in Berlin, where we have a wide circle of friends from all around the world. 

When it comes to politics, it has become apparent to me over the years that politicians for the most part are not listening to the people they claim to represent. 

I am not a career politician - I am a normal person like you who is tired of not feeling represented by current politics.

Personal Experiences Empowering Communities

As your independent voice from Dublin to Europe, my journey to this point has been a mix of personal struggles and a desire to serve people and our community. The challenges I've faced, including the loss of family members to suicide and addiction, have not only forged my resilience but also deepened my compassion and commitment to advocating for communities, especially regarding mental health and recovery support. It's these experiences that drive me to make a real difference in how we tackle issues that affect us all, not just in Dublin, but across Europe.

Shaping a Better Dublin Together: A Call for Action and Unity

Our city thrives on inclusivity and compassion, and yet, we face urgent issues: homelessness and a cost of living crisis that demand immediate action, immigration policies needing urgent reform to ensure proper community input, and a call for transparent governance that truly represents Dubliners' interests, among other pressing issues.

I invite you to share with me your stories, your concerns, and your vision for our city. Together, we can set specific, actionable goals for our community's future. Let's not just aim for change but strive for a renewed Dublin spirit that leads by example in Europe. Remember, crucial policies shaping our lives are discussed in Brussels. I want to represent you, making sure our voices and interests are heard and respected. I do not have all the answers - but what I do have is the desire to listen carefully to you and shape a better Dublin...together.

A Sensible Vision for Dublin

Together, we can champion a Dublin that values every individual, supports its most vulnerable, and stands as an example of forward-thinking policy on the European stage. This campaign is about us - our city, our future. 

Think for a moment about the other candidates. You will see names you know, names you've probably voted for before. Now, ask yourself - "What has this person done for us and our communities?". 

Now is the time for an alternative. We need to get away from the politics of the Left and politics of the Right. We need to stop pitting people against each other. We need to take our collective frustration to where it can be used for good - to Europe.

Vote Stephen O'Rourke No. 1 for Dublin MEP!


Key Priorities below...

Key Priorities

As an independent candidate, I represent a fresh voice for Dublin in Europe - without the restraints of a political party. My journey to this moment is both personal and professional, shaped by experiences growing up in a working class family in Ballyfermot, insights gained living abroad, and a deep-seated belief in the power of community-driven change. I'm just like you, tired of career politicians detached from everyday struggles. That's why I'm stepping up to represent us in Europe, advocating for the needs and voices of all Dubliners!

Championing Mental Health Advocacy

My journey through life has been deeply shaped by personal experiences, including the loss of family members to addiction and other mental health issues. These experiences have not only built my resilience but have deeply ingrained in me a sense of compassion and understanding for others facing life's challenges and traumas.

These issues and experiences underscore my commitment to fostering a community where support is not just available but is compassionate, comprehensive, and accessible to all that need it, including family members. Furthermore, they have shaped my resolve to ensure that no one feels isolated in their struggle and to champion policies that bring about real, impactful change. 

Some might say that mental health is not an issue for the EU to address, but the truth is that mental health policies can greatly benefit from EU-level coordination and funding. The European Union can support mental health initiatives through research funding, sharing best practices among member states, and ensuring that mental health services are accessible across Europe. By advocating for mental health at the EU level, we can push for comprehensive support systems that benefit all Dubliners and Europeans alike.

Enhancing Recovery Support

Addiction touches many families, mine included. The path to recovery should not be a solitary one. By bolstering support systems and services, we can offer not just hope but actual help to those in need, fostering a community that lifts its members from the shadows of addiction. It is time for us, together, to break the stigma and support those who need it. I will champion this cause at the European level to ensure Dubliners get this critical support. 

Addressing addiction and recovery might seem like a local issue, but the EU plays a critical role in coordinating public health policies and funding. European initiatives can support local efforts by providing resources, facilitating research, and promoting best practices. By pushing for recovery support at the EU level, we can ensure that Dublin benefits from broader European strategies and funding aimed at tackling addiction. 

Science in Dialogue: Shaping Inclusive European Policies

Incorporating the value of open scientific discourse, my mission is to ensure that scientific debate in Europe embraces all perspectives. Recognising that innovation and understanding thrive on diverse opinions, I will advocate for an inclusive approach to scientific inquiry. This means championing policies that encourage a broad spectrum of scientific views and debates, ensuring that policymaking is enriched by comprehensive insights by a variety of experts. By doing so, we can pave the way for well-rounded, robust policies that truly reflect the complexities of our world. Dublin and its experts can play a key role.

Science policy and innovation are key areas where the EU has a significant impact. The EU provides substantial funding for research and fosters collaboration across member states. By advocating for inclusive science policies at the EU level, we can ensure that Dublin's scientific community is supported and that diverse perspectives are included in shaping policies that affect us all.

Addressing Homelessness & Cost of Living Crisis

In Dublin and across Ireland, the challenges of homelessness, affordable housing and the rising cost of living are pressing issues that impact the quality of life of Dubliners. Addressing these concerns at the European level is crucial. If elected, I will advocate for European policies that support increased investment in affordable housing. Equally, I will work tirelessly to address the cost of living issue by pushing for measures that protect consumers, promote fair wages, and ensure that our economy works for everyone, not just the few. 

While housing and cost of living are primarily national issues, the EU can influence these areas through regional development funds and social policy initiatives. By advocating for policies that address homelessness and the cost of living at the EU level, we can leverage European funding and frameworks to support local solutions and improve the quality of life for Dubliners.

Shaping Smart Immigration

Navigating the complexities of immigration with a compassionate yet pragmatic approach is crucial for Dublin's development. 

My own journey, which saw me move to Germany over a decade ago to take up work as a scientist, allowed me to contribute meaningfully across the country and in various industries, and even fostering community through the establishment of GAA clubs. Along this path, I have made life-long friends with people from all over the globe, and found love with a wonderful Turkish woman, now my wife!

However, one thing must be made clear to the Irish government, NGOs, and Europe: Unregulated mass immigration is not sustainable, especially on the scale of what is happening today where it occurs without community involvement. Some will attack me for these words. To those I say: how is it right that in the dark of night people are brought into communities, without them knowing, and with already severely strained resources and amenities? Why are the residents of these communities labelled "far right" for expressing their concerns and asking questions? Why are they all labelled as dangerous protesters due to the unacceptable actions of a few? We must advocate for a system that values skilled migration and ensures the overall wellbeing of our communities.

Let me be clear and upfront: the practice of individuals arriving into Ireland and discarding their documentation prior to the passport check undermines the system's integrity, unfairly disadvantaging legal migrants and straining resources. It's neither sustainable nor fair! Governments past and present, Irish and European, have not been listening to the people - if elected as your MEP I pledge to change this.

Balancing Influence - Keeping An Eye on NGOs!

In recent times, the power and influence of NGOs in Ireland have become increasingly apparent, most notably regarding the recent referendums. While some NGOs can play an important role in society, there's a growing need to ensure a balanced representation of all voices in our democratic processes. I will seek to foster an environment where decisions are informed by a wider spectrum of perspectives, ensuring that the interests of the entire community are considered, not just those with the loudest voices. A European perspective will help guide this new approach, helping us curb the excessive control these organisations have and ensure that policies are made in the best interests of all Dubliners.

Radical Transparency

Transparency isn't just a buzzword; it's a principle. As your representative, I promise to push for clear, understandable policies that are made with Dubliners' input and best interests at heart. On your behalf I will campaign for accountability from those in high office in Europe, ensuring our voices are heard and our worries and anxieties acknowledged. 

If you elect me, I promise to keep you constantly up to date with regard to budgetary issues and the spending that goes on in Europe. Radical transparency starts with us all. For more, check out my Transparency page.

Variety of Media

A healthy democracy thrives on the exchange of various viewpoints. The dominance of a single narrative is declining, making room for other platforms which bring forward different perspectives. Ensuring access to a broad range of opinions is crucial for informed decision-making. I support policies that promote media variety, allowing a variety of voices and opinions to be heard, thereby enriching our public discourse and strengthening our society by showcasing various interpretations of important issues. As your MEP, I'll work to amplify this approach at the EU level, advocating for policies that foster media variety across member states, ensuring that not just one voice is being heard in the media.

Holding Big Industry Accountable for Plastic Waste

The narrative that plastic waste is solely the consumer's responsibility is too narrow and overlooks the significant role of big industry. It's time to redirect the focus where it belongs: on the manufacturers and corporations that contribute most to plastic pollution. In Europe, I will advocate for policies that hold these major players accountable, ensuring they shoulder their fair share of responsibility for sustainable practices and waste reduction. This shift is not just about fairness; it's about creating a more effective strategy for tackling environmental challenges at their source.

Rethinking Financial Efficiency in the EU

Did you know the European Parliament moves everything (literally - files, folders, notepads etc all loaded into countless massive trucks) from Brussels to Strasbourg every month, costing over €100 million a year? 

While we can perhaps recognise the symbolic value of Strasbourg in Franco-German reconciliation after the horrors of WW2 and its economic benefit to the local area, it's time for innovative alternatives. For example, I will push for discussion on, for example, establishing a permanent EU institution in Strasbourg, which will boost the local infrastructure economy in itself and therefore no longer require this monthly move. These steps could uphold its historic significance while aligning with environmental commitments and directing these funds instead where they're desperately needed. What could this saved money do for Dublin?

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