Your donation, no matter how small or big, means everything. It's not just about giving money; it's about us standing shoulder to shoulder as I head to Europe to tackle real issues head-on - on your behalf. We're talking about making sure everyone in Dublin has a home, creating fair immigration policies that involve the community, and putting the pressure on big companies to clean up their act and stop shifting the blame and onus onto the ordinary people! This isn't just my fight; it's ours. Let's do this together.

And remember: as part of my pledge for full transparency, you will have full access to ALL accounts to see where in the campaign the donation has been spent. Whatever funds remain will be, with your involvement and input, distributed to worthy causes related to my campaign priorities - that's a promise.

Wish to support in another way? If even one of my policies resonates with you, I would be delighted if you would download my flyer and put it up in a prominent place! By printing it and placing it in your window, in your local shop, passing it out to neighbours, you are helping to get the word out. Thank you!

Note: as the website software I use is based in Germany, the pop up message will be in German - I haven't managed to change this just yet! I assure you it is just saying "do you want to download this pdf?" :) The reason I use this service is because it is the most cost-effective, and as I am running my own campaign with hardly any budget, I need to watch the pennies.

Download flyer (pdf): 


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